The Live 5-2-1-0 Central Team

The Live 5-2-1-0 Central Team based at BC Children’s Hospital partners with communities across British Columbia to promote and support healthy childhood behaviours.

The Live 5-2-1-0 Central Team coordinates the provincial network of partner communities that are sharing and supporting the evidence-based Live 5-2-1-0 message. Our team works collaboratively with local community stakeholders and organizations, providing the expertise, resources and tools necessary to support action implementation. We also coordinate the Live 5-2-1-0 Knowledge Translation Platform which allows Live 5-2-1-0 communities to stay connected and share ideas, insights, and best practice solutions.

SCOPE (Sustainable Childhood Obesity Prevention through Community Engagement) was the original name for the community-based participatory research project that evolved into Live 5-2-1-0.

Meet the team behind the Live 5-2-1-0 initiative, who are helping to bring Live 5-2-1-0 to communities across British Columbia.

Dr. Shazhan Amed, Founder and Project Lead

Dr. Shazhan Amed is a pediatric doctor who works at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. In addition to treating children and youth with obesity and its related complications like type 2 diabetes, Dr. Amed leads the SCOPE initiative. Dr. Amed strongly believes that promoting healthy weights in children will prevent them from developing serious chronic diseases in young adulthood. Therefore, she is committed to the success of this initiative.

Susan Pinkney, Provincial Project Manager

Susan is an experienced project manager for public health initiatives. Her recent roles have included managing a project at BC Women’s Hospital which aims to optimize the cesarean delivery rate and help women push for the best possible birth; prior to that she coordinated research and evaluations for community hygiene and sanitation projects in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Susan is committed to helping communities gain the knowledge, tools and power they need to be able to make decisions that protect and improve their health. For SCOPE and Live 5-2-1-0 related inquiries, you can reach Susan at 604-875-2000 ext. 5519.

Kimberly Charbonneau, Project Coordinator

Kimberly is passionate about chronic disease prevention and strongly believes in a ‘whole-of-community’ approach to create sustainable change. She holds a Master of Public Health degree from Simon Fraser University and has served in various roles pertaining to health promotion and community outreach. Most recently she designed and led an evaluation of the Women’s Heart Health Clinic at BC Women’s Hospital to explore women’s experiences with heart disease prevention. Kimberly is excited to support communities in creating healthier environments where all children and families can thrive.

Kelly Banh, Research Assistant

Kelly is an avid supporter of innovative approaches that encourage populations to adopt healthier, more active lifestyles. She enjoys both the creative and communications-based aspects of health promotion, such as creating new resources and collaborating on strategies to reduce barriers and increase accessibility of different communities to chronic disease prevention. She plans to pursue a Master of Public Health degree to further contribute to sustainable initiatives, such as Live 5-2-1-0, and to support the long-term health of families across BC and Canada.

Visit our Communities page for more information on Live 5-2-1-0 and how to get in touch with a local coordinator.