The Live 5-2-1-0 Message

Advice on proper nutrition and physical activity can be confusing, and at times overwhelming.  Live 5-2-1-0 simplifies this information into four simple guidelines that are easy to remember.


The Live 5-2-1-0 message is:

  • Simple, clear and easy for kids to learn

  • Evidence-based, and touches on all key behaviours that most physical activity and healthy eating programs promote

  • Shareable by all partners in every sector of a community

The recommendations in the Live 5-2-1-0 message are evidence-based, originating from the Childhood Obesity: Assessment, Prevention and Treatment Expert Committee,* and endorsed by the Canadian Paediatric Society. The message is widely used, with many successful children’s health programs across North America using the 5-2-1-0 guideline. ‘Live 5-2-1-0’ is the BC-specific version of the message, developed by SCOPE in partnership with several BC communities.

* Barlow SE and the Expert Committee. Expert committee recommendations regarding the prevention, assessment, and treatment of child and adolescent overweight and obesity: summary report. Pediatrics 2007;120 Supplement December 2007:S164—S192.
(See particularly ‘Prevention Recommendations: Patient-Level Interventions’, pS189).