Community Services

Community services are valuable allies in reaching children and families from diverse backgrounds and circumstances – often including those who can benefit the most from information and support for making healthy choices.

Community services includes many settings such as local non-profit organizations, child care centres, libraries, and faith-based or cultural organizations. They often run programs and offer services that reach new families, newcomers to Canada, and families who face health challenges making them an integral partner in providing information and access to healthy choices to children and their families.

What can community services do?

  • Distribute Live 5-2-1-0 resources (e.g. Live 5-2-1-0 Fact Sheets [in multiple languages], stickers, colouring sheets) to children and families
  • Include the Live 5-2-1-0 message and tips in newsletter
  • Implement a healthy drink policy (i.e. our centre/facility does not serve any sugary drinks and requests parents do not pack any in their children’s snacks and lunches)
  • Integrate the teaching and promotion of the Live 5-2-1-0 message into children and family programs
  • Connect families to other programs and services in the community that support healthy behaviours

How are community services using Live 5-2-1-0 resources?

The following is a list of examples of how different communities have used the Live 5-2-1-0 resources they have downloaded from this website:

  • “With Syrian Newcomer families in a family literacy program.” (Fraser Valley community)
  • “I am planning on incorporating the Live 5-2-1-0 message into my day camps this summer.” (Fraser Valley community)
  • “[Community Name] Neighbourhood House offers a twice weekly Parent and Tot Drop-In Program which I attend 1/month. I have arranged to facilitate a session on “Healthy Eating and Menu Planning” at the group.” (Lower Mainland community)
  • “One or more resources will be provided to Licensees to Licensed Child Care facilities as attachments to a summer E-Letter.” (Fraser Valley community)
  • “I am an ECD coordinator and will be using the resources for promoting Unplug and Play!” (Interior Health community)
  • “We are a nonprofit who will be using them in our Family Place Programs.” (Fraser Valley community)
  • “I am a Scout Leader and we are focusing on Health & Wellness over the next couple of meetings. This info will be fun and interesting to share with our youth – ages 11-14.” (Fraser Valley community)
  • “I am a Success By 6 Regional Coordinator and am sharing some of the resources with local recreation centers to encourage them to use the key messaging, so it is consistent across South Vancouver Island.” (Vancouver Island community)
  • “The flyer will be inserted inside the children books that we will be giving away to children and parents who attend the Active Stories drop in program.” (Interior community)
  • “We are working with vulnerable pregnant women/families, many of whom are food insecure. Part of our mandate is promoting healthy eating. I love the simplicity of your message.” (Interior community)
  • “Hoping to share these at our events as our community is so multicultural, and it’s nice for participants to have games from their home countries included in this type of publication.” (Fraser Valley community)
  • “We will use these resources in the Girls Got Game after-school program for newcomer girls aged 9-13 to teach them about healthy lifestyle choices they can and should make.” (Lower Mainland community)

How are community services supporting Live 5-2-1-0?

The following is a list of examples of how stakeholders in different communities have implemented action in their sector to support Live 5-2-1-0:

  • Delta integrated the Live 5-2-1-0 message into their Local Immigrant Partnership (LIP) health plan package which they distribute to newcomers, and Live 5-2-1-0 messaging was included in health information packages provided to newcomers in Nanaimo.
  • Live 5-2-1-0 resources are often distributed to licensed childcare facilities in New Westminster.
  • Public health nurses from Fraser Health created a Live 5-2-1-0 ‘Spin the Wheel’ which is used at various community events in the Lower Mainland to promote the message.
  • Leaders from the Stó:lō Service Agency and Chilliwack’s Division of Family Practice’s Healthy Kids Initiative adapted the Live 5-2-1-0 message to create a Live 5-2-1-0 Medicine Wheel for children to use to track their efforts in making healthy daily choices. This resource can be downloaded from our Resources page.